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Pakinfomedics is an internet-based online Medical Professionals/Medical Consultants Directory of Pakistan published on 22nd March, 2010 to create awareness about Medical Consultants' private practice in order to facilitate patients. 
Pakinfomedics provides you with updated current information about Medical Professionals, Medical Consultants, Medical Specialists, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Physicians and Surgeons in all categories with regard to:

Consultant Name 
Hospital/Clinic Address 
Consultation Days 
Consultation Timings 
Contact Nos. 
Email Address 
Vacations info 
Ramadan Timings 
Outstation Consultation 
Clinic Relocation Info

Pakinfomedics contains detailed information about Medical Consultants' Profile and Consultation Schedule. One can also easily find out contact numbers of leading Hospitals and Blood Banks in major cities of Pakistan.

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